We can't protect you from a broken heart... but we can protect your wallet.
Insuring your love interests through Heartbreak is easy.
Start by using our web application to find your partner's Willingness To Fall in love (WTF™) score.

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Dating is a risk

Ever spend the time and energy to plan a romantic date... only to get stood up? It happens to the best of us. In the end, you've lost your heart. Don't lost your wallet too. See how its worked for others!

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A what score?

Our patent-pending Willingness To Fall in love (WTF) score works by analyzing your compatibility through social networks. Its easy - just login to your Facebook and we'll tell you the likelihood of an less than desirable outcome.

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Just who is Dr. Matsumoto?

People say Dr. Matsumoto is the greatest inventor in the world. Years of field experience has lead HeartBreak's Dr. Matsumoto in developing a revolutionary new way to predict dating success... or failure. You might even call him the ultimate wingman!

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