Our testimonials

Jeff, 28 years old

"I'm an investment banker from New York... so I guess you could say I got "my money on my mind, mind on my money." After Mint.com told me I spent $26,000 on dinner dates in 2011 alone, I turned to HeartBreak for help. Since then I've recouped funds for 32 botched dates (don't judge me)."

Marcy, 27 years old

I'm a former gymnast, yoga instructor, and serial fiance. I've been engaged 8 times and I really thought 9 was my lucky number. Since purchasing a policy with HeartBreak in 2010 I've been reimbursed for $52,000 in wedding invitations, $15,000 in wedding deposits and 210 of missed work. I'm not always right with my engagements but at least I got my money back!"

Jake, 34 years old

"I'm an exotic dancer in Vegas - my life is pretty crazy. In 2009 I had a one night stand that turned into a broken door frame, a keyed car and $5,000 in carpet cleaning to remove cat urine. Since turning to HeartBreak, I've used their suite of tools to minimize stalkers saving me roughly $8,000 in auto body repairs. Thats a lot of dollar bills!"

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